Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 2 after Surgery- 2/28/2010 PM

The ride home from Camp Hill, PA was a little slower than usual.  It took an extra 1/2 hour, because we stopped at two rest stops to walk around and stretch a little... not to mention the fact that everyone knows that PA roads are horrible but you REALLY notice when your body feels EVERY last bump in the road!  I sipped on my Greenberry Shakeology w OJ for most of the ride, while we switched between listening to the new Pittsburgh Sports talk radio station 93.7 The Fan and our Frank Sinatra Pandora radio station!

Once we got home, I was more than ready to hop in my own shower and get cleaned up.  I redressed my bandages and confirmed that all of my incisions are completely closed! I have clear strips over all of them, and the doctor tells me they will start to peel back within a week.  When they do, they will be ready to peel completely off.  After my shower, I put on comfy but regular fitting clothes- no more of this huge baggy clothing.  Chuck and I went to Best Buy to pick up my replacement iPhone; living without mine for a week was like giving up a kidney!!  I walked around the whole time.

I'm a bit tired now; so, I'm gonna rest for a bit before my in laws come over to visit and for dinner.  Since my abdomen was filled with air during the procedure and fluid afterwards to assist in the healing proces (avoiding scar tissue, etc.), I'm going to do some light stretching to move the fluid and remaining air around.  The air makes the incisions a bit uncomfortable at times.  I have much more energy than even yesterday, which I attribute largely to my fix of Shakeology earlier today and continuing with my normal diet.

One day closer to working out with Tony in P90X!...

'Til next time...

Day 2 after Surgery- 2/28/2010

Last night I went to sleep at around 1030 PM, and I expected to wake up frequently to use the bathroom and take some more meds.  This morning, however, I woke up at 0630, got out of bed myself, did morning bathroom routine by myself, and took a lap around the hotel! I just ate some breakfast of an egg white sandwich on whole wheat muffin and Greenberry Shakeology ( ) with 10 oz of orange juice.  Hubby and I are packing up and getting ready to make the journey home! Incisions are healing really well, and though there's some discomfort, there is NO pain today!!

I plan to stop 3 times on the way home, so about every 45 minutes to 1 hour, to get out of the car, walk around, and stretch a bit.

Updates later!....

My recovery progress is all thanks to Beachbody P90X and the ultimate fitness I was in prior to surgery!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 1 after Surgery- 2/27/2010

Yesterday's surgery went really well.  I had five different procedures done, and the doctor will be giving me a DVD of the procedure, which I'll be able to post! I had a selective Hysterosalpingogram, a Hysteroscopy, a DNC, a diagnostic laproscopy during which they removed all of my endometriosis, and finally an ovarian wedge resection with advanced surgical techniques to avoid scar tissue and adhesions for the highest success rate.  The surgery required three incisions: one in my belly button, one above my left pelvic bone about 1" in length, and one final one right above my pubic bone about 5" wide.  The surgery took about five hours, and I woke up about two and a half hours later.  I took pain medication via IV in the recovery room, but after that I was moved to a room overnight for observations and only took ibuprofin through my IV twice to help with any swelling in the incisions.  By 8 PM, I was up and walking to use the ladies' room by myself.  Throughout the night, I continued to rest and get up every two hours to use the bathroom from all of the fluids they were giving me through the IV.

This morning, I started the day with a piece of whole wheat dry toast and a bowl of shredded wheat with skim milk.  Nausea only lasted until about 8 PM last night; so, starting the day with solid foods was not a problem! Chuck even brought me a delicious cup of coffee as well! I sat with the surgeon this morning with my husband (Chuck) and my sister, and we went through all of pictures from my procedures.  She indicated that she was very pleased with all of the results from the surgery, and she is really happy with my progress so quickly! I discharged myself from the hospital at 10AM this morning and came back to the hotel room (since I am out of town for this surgery).  I've been eating and up and about every 45 minutes or so.  My bandages got redressed, and the two smallest incisions are healing really well! I can touch them, and they don't really hurt.  The largest one is oozing a little bit of blood, but it didn't really hurt to wash and redress.

Chuck and I will be staying in the hotel room today, relaxing, and watching movies.  I actually just made a Greenberry Shakeology with OJ! It's already making me feel tingly and full of energy!  Each minute, I'm feeling better and stronger!

Til' tomorrow!...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Surgery- Preparation

On Friday 2/26, I'll be having five different procedures during major surgery to correct an underlying condition I was born with. My health, nutrition, and fitness is really important to me; so, getting through a successful surgery and back to my normal fitness routine has been my focus. There were several things I did to prepare, including daily Beachbody workouts, namely P90X, and a healthy, balanced, and nutritious diet to fuel my body to keep it in tip top shape. Over the last week, I've modified my eating habit in preparation for pre-operation fasting that the doctors require. I normally consume between 1800 and 2100 calories per day, and though I continued to maintain this caloric intake, I ate foods that were a little more bland but still provided the right fuel to continue working out. I've increased my cardio work from 1 hour to 2 hours per day at least four times per week over the last four weeks, and I've increased my core work to 2 to 3 times per week using Beachbody P90X Core Synergistics and Tony Horton's One on One DVD Core Ball Sandwich. Yesterday and today, I'm still keeping my body limber and strong with Beachbody Ho Ala ke Kino and Patience Hummingbird Yoga. Seems like so far, my preparation has been successful, because my pre-op testing yesterday passed with flying colors. The surgeon told me that she wouldn't be surprised to see me walk out of the hospital after four hours of surgery the same day! Off to do Yoga!