Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 6 after surgery 3/4/2010

Today was "just another day in paradise"... I went back to the office today.  While I was out, I did miss the guys I manage, but I really did enjoy just focusing on my other businesses while I was in recovery.  I spent the day actually sitting in my guys' area instead of my office, catching up on email, and going back and forth between the production floor and my group's area helping with a design a few guys in my group were assigned.  It was the first day I put on dress clothes, and though the swelling has gone down enough to put them on, they are still not very forgiving when it comes to comfort in the incision area.  By the time the afternoon rolled around, my incisions were getting a little uncomfortable.  I whipped up another Greenberry Shakeology in the afternoon to extend my energy from my morning breakfast Shakeology.  Chuck packed me an extra serving when we volunteered to pack my lunch this morning!  It was just what I needed! I finished the day strong, and I am getting ready to have some dinner with my dad.  I'm thinking yoga may be on the agenda tonight again... but don't tell Chuck... he made me promise I'd rest today. ;)

Bring it!

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