Thursday, March 25, 2010

There'll be days like this... and I just don't wanna work out :(

The alarm clock rings. It's your usual routine. But even before you throw the covers off yourself you know....Some days you just don't have it. Maybe you've worked hard the previous few days. Maybe you're coming down with something. Maybe it's just Monday...But you're shocked at how for some reason the desire to workout has completely abandoned you and left you wondering if your 15 minutes of fame is over and the high you've been experiencing will ever return. It was all a big waste of knew it would's over...

Or is it?...

Everybody hits a wall during fitness training. It's natural. It's expected. It's disappointing. But fortunately it's not "fatal" to your program. The cure is simple: calm the noisy boo-birds in your head by telling them that all you are going to do today is a light cardio or stretching workout. No lofty goals. No crazy reps. No big chunks of time. Just chill out and lower all your expectations. Get your favorite shorts and top on and head down to the gym for a "quick" round and think of how you'll treat yourself afterwards and make yourself happy again like you were before you got into this crazy routine! Now, pop in the DVD still reassuring your subconscious that this is just a drill and not the real thing, press play and go through the motions...sort of.

By now you see the method to the madness. Within 10 minutes I am sure your body once again will take over and you will begin to feel the trickle of seratonin and endorphines you lived for slowly finding their way back into your blood stream. Before you can say "sun salutation" you're doing an awesome "downward dog" and by the time you're halfway through the workout you're looking for heavier weights, more reps or thinking about adding another round of cardio.

So, if you should find yourself coming down with the "I think I'm hitting the wall exercise blues" my prescription is : Rest your doubts, drink plenty of confidence, take two "vinyasas" and call me and tell me about your progress tomorrow morning!

Doctor's orders!

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